Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor wants to write a musical

Corey Taylor, writer and front man for the metal band Slipknot, revealed in an interview on the streaming platform Twitch that he wants to write a musical. Yes, the musicians from Slipknot are already disguised: on stage, the band looks like a full assembly of killers and monsters from Stephen King’s collected works. The music they make sounds the way you want it to be. That might be difficult on Broadway. At the same time one would wish some musicals the seriousness and passion with which Taylor approaches the project:

“It would be a real musical. Not like Monty Pythons, Spamalot ‘or anything. I kind of got in the habit of making concept albums. So obviously I know how to put a story together. And I played with the idea of a musical writing about the people I spent a lot of my time with in Des Moines, Iowa, between 20 and 30. I think of my crew, how we all met, how the underdogs found each other and each other We all came out of a madness of emotional abuse and neglect. We had to deal with problems that we didn’t even know what to call. The only thing that saved us was the fact that the meetings made us feel gave us not to be alone. And they made us feel: If we have each other as support, as friends to talk to, then maybe we can get through. At that time ic h confronted with everything – so much new music, so much different music, so much new literature and films. It was the trigger for everything I am today. “

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